Alexandra Gelis: “Casiteros” en la expo Dystopias; arte sonoro contemporáneo en Gallery 1313 Toronto. Feb 23 a Marzo 3




“Local artist Alexandra Gelis is presenting a two channel video installation entitled Casiteros. The word Casiteros refers to young kids who play “to make little houses” but it is also a term used to label little kids who, in order to get protection, are sexually abused by an older kid. The video consists of a stationary shot of a boy who lives in a disadvantaged neighbourhood called The Woods in Cartagena, Colombia. In this project, Alexandra uses the video like a photographic moment extended in time, where the sound evocates the space, the neighbourhood and the proximity of the others, while serving as an index for the action. This is a contemplative video where feelings of delusion and danger arise at the end.” Julieta Maria y Arlan Londoño curators. More Info